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Watch FREE Movies TV Shows & Music Online "Download & Stream & On Any Os"
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Watch FREE Movies TV Shows & Music Online "Download & Stream & On Any Os"

Stealth Data Zero
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Published on Nov 07, 2018
In this video I show you ways you can download and stream movies music and TV shows free on your phone and computer there are many ways to do this but these are by far the most safe and reliable ways I found to do so check out the info below for links to the sites in the video and how to use a vpn and tor on windows and kali linux use these tools to bypass copyright laws becuase it appares that your ip address is coming from another country you can watch youtube videos that are noramlly blocked in the country you are actually in download the Firefox browser or Tor broswer and add pop up blockers and ad blockers ad ons to keep yourself safe and watch youtube and movies ad free once you have no ads and movies and tv shows on YouTube you basically have YouTube red free if you use Tor or A VPN to bypass copyright laws and still come across videos you want to watch and the copyrights are still blocking you simply change your country for your VPN most VPNs have this feature if you are using Tor simply close and open the browser or click the new identity tab in the upper left corner you can use the youtube to mp3 and mp4 converters to download the movies music and TV shows you find on youtube to your phone or computer and have them on the go without using a internet connection to watch them becuase they are downloaded to your phone or computer just search for the titles of the shows or movies you are looking for tv shows and xlicknthe share button copy the link and paste it in to the YouTube to mp3 converter and click download once its ready its a good idea to add full episodes to the end of your search on youtube you can find shows like drangon ball z, doomsday peppers, man vs wild, unsolved mysteries, seconds from disaster etc ill leave links to some of these tv shows on youtube at the very bottom of this discription one great channel for free movies on youtube is popcornflix here is the link to the channel.

Watch free movies online from the website afdah mentioned in the video streaming only links below. "or Google search"

"Google's link to afdah"

Download showbox app for android to watch movies or download them make sure you have the setting "allow downloads from unknow sources" check to yes. Then install and use it like any other app link below.

How to use Tor on windows and access the deep and dark web link below.

How to get Tor broswer for android and a VPN and also access the deep and darkweb link below.

Get a VPN for kali linx link below.

Use Tor on kali linux using the NIPE script to make Tor your default gateway link below.

Install Tor browser 7.0 on Kali Linux link below.

Top 5 Alternatives to Afdah to watch movies online free article link check it out for more info on free movies sites although I find afdah to be the best one link below.

Man Vs Wild on YouTube.

Seconds From Disaster on YouTube.

Unsolved Mysteries on YouTube.

use a HDMI cord to hook your computer up to your tv and watch everything from your TV Screen or use a smart TV and the streaming features on the TV and or YouTube to connect your phone to your TV.